Reading Selections

Reading Selections is a college-style literary analysis class for youth between the ages of 12 and 17, a maximum of six students.  We meet once a month for nine months.

Students are given a monthly reading packet containing short stories, essays, poetry, and transcribed speeches.  They read the materials twice, taking notes, select one reading for the month, and create a project of their choosing inspired by the piece.  At the next meeting, students present their projects, and then we discuss and break down each piece, answering questions about each and making connections to history, culture, mythology, and current events.  At the end of the “school year,” I provide each parent a summary of the class and an analysis of their child’s or children’s growth and development in reading comprehension.  Classes meet at a public location in Redmond or Bothell, WA.

For expanded information and an explanation of how and why these classes lead to improvement of reading, visit the supplementary information from a Norweson 40 panel on the subject.

A list of monthly themes and expectations for each year is available in the Three Year Overview.


2020-2021 School Year

Year 1: [NO CLASSES]
Year 2: [NO CLASSES]
Year 3: [NO CLASSES]

All classes are on hiatus until further notice.


$25/month per student or $180/year paid in September, plus an annual $15/student materials fee.

Trades or reduced fees can be arranged where possible.

Resources for Students

Past posts about Reading Selections

Reading Poetry

Taking Notes


Logical Fallacies

Reviews from Former Families

“Both of my children have taken these classes and they are wonderful! Watching my younger son (who graduated from her classes this past May) go from not wanting to write and barely reading for fun to reading a wide variety of books and coming up with insights i never would have thought of just swept me off my feet. If anyone has questions you’d like answered from an attendee/parent (as opposed to from the instructor) i am happy to discuss them. Wish she had a year 4.”

⁠—Vanessa R.

“Reading selections was the very first curriculum decision I made as a homeschool mom.

It was our first full year of homeschooling my then 6th, 9th, and 10th grade children, and I was terrified! I must have looked at dozens of co-op and individual classes, trying to convince my kids to try something. It was the only prospect that sparked any interest in them, so I clung to it like a life raft, hoping we weren’t on a sinking ship instead.

When we showed up to our meeting space, a small, eclectic coffee shop, I immediately felt a sense of ease. If the teacher chose this spot to meet, she must at least have a sense of chill, because it was such a chill place.

After a few awkward minutes of introductions (I’m an introvert), the teacher, Raven, got down to business with my kids, engaging them in conversation, and smoothly explaining how class would go. I was impressed and in awe of her ability to draw my kids into the conversation and treat them like human beings instead of recalcitrant children. It was such a breath of fresh air after our public school experience. On our drive home, my kids were buzzing with excitement about the class that lay ahead of them. I was relived that we weren’t on a sinking ship after all! Whew!!

Three years later, and I have two graduated students and my youngest in 10th grade, the same grade my oldest was in when we started. We’ve had curriculum changes, struggles, and many homeschool growing pains. But through it all my children looked forward to Reading Selections every single month.

I watched them grow so much through this class, and develop so many skills beyond literature analysis. I’ve watched Raven help them blossom into the amazing young adults they are today. I even made a couple amazing friends myself, including Raven, that have helped me along my homeschool journey. And all because I took a chance on a random homeschool ad.

Thank you Raven for your incredible dedication to our children. Thank you for teaching them literature, but even more importantly, thank you for listening to them, encouraging them, challenging them, engaging them, uplifting them, and fostering a space for them to grow through the intense teenage years. Your education, your mentorship, and your friendship have been invaluable to us through these years.”