Geometry, Design, and Pasta

Fiori-shaped pasta by Barilla. Approximately 0...

Fiori-shaped pasta by Barilla. Approximately 0.5″ in diameter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thanks to a friend, we came across the CBS short video clip Geometry and Pasta about two authors — one an architect, the other, a chef — each wrote books about pasta from a mathematical perspective.  The former, George Legendre, cataloged over 200 types of pasta in his book, Pasta by Design, showing the mathematics of form behind the function, in part as an inspiration for other designers looking for more unique shapes in their architecture, though another part I believe has more to do with his love of mathematics. Meanwhile, chef Jacob Kennedy’s recipes and historical knowledge of noodles paired with hints of geometry in Caz Hildebrand’s drawings, come together in The Geometry of Pasta.  This book looks both informative and drool-worthy, but focuses more on the food’s function because of its design.

For someone like myself who is equally fascinated by architectural design and historical cooking, these books are tempting.  As a homeschooler, I can see them being the inspiration for my child(ren) to explore culinary arts, history, math, and design all at once in an integrated form.  An exploration that could be hands on and delicious!

Quick Links: Art, Cooking, Music, Environment, and Literacy

Just posting some quick links related to schooling.  Some are resources, others are resources or commentary.  Follow and enjoy.  🙂

Kids Draw & Cook is a blog that displays recipes by kids along with their artwork to represent or present the meal. Its the youthful version of They Draw & Cook, which features recipes as presented by artists.  Children’s submissions always welcome.

Many researchers and educators have touted the link between music and mathematics and sciences, as well as they ways musical training influences developing minds.  Here is yet another well-written argument in support of music education and its funding.

The Story of Stuff is a project that shows videos that are engaging, easy to understand, and yet not condescending to viewers of all ages.  Presented by a non-threatening middle class “soccer mom” archetype along with simplistic black and white animation, they touch on topics related to capitalist/materialist culture, the broken systems that create environmental toxins and waste, and what we can do to change the ways in which we interact with our world and its resources.  Highly recommended; I suggest starting with the eWaste/Electronics piece.  It’ll make you wonder about the computer you’re using to watch the video.

An encounter with the college aged functionally illiterate, and the problems such youth represent for the state of our nation and its future.

Cooking: Menu Planning and Week-Long Meal Prep

The following was originally written to help some loved ones who are dealing with the challenges of caretaking and chronic illness that lead to immobility.  These techniques, though, can be used to assist in reducing the stress of getting most meals ready for an entire week.  Where possible, it can even been a family activity from the planning to the grocery shopping to the prep itself.

Please use your best judgment when assigning age-appropriate tasks to the younger members of your family (e.g. don’t give the three year old the task of cutting vegetables, give them the measuring spoon instead).

View the tips here.