I’m Five!

IMG_6724Little Fox enjoyed his birthday where a dozen kids and their parents met with us under a shelter in our favorite park despite the wet weather. There were games on corner tables and potluck food and boffers that confused the smallest children, but excited the older ones. Star Wars napkins and lightsaber cupcake toppers and a single, round balloon were my limit for purchasing themed decor. Everything else was low budget and divine.


A beautiful mistake of a cupcake.

Lots went wrong, and everyone still managed to enjoy themselves. Though we had quite the adventure leaving, as a moat formed around the shelter during our party.

Sunday was a cleaning day. Monday was a grieving day. Tuesday was birthday proper. We went to gymnastics and the park. We had waffles for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and sushi for dinner. His new disco lights illuminated the living room while he opened presents with disco music accompanying him.

IMG_6755Wednesday was a moms’ day out, and four teenagers played video games and held boffer battles with one demanding five year old. We left our house at 11am, and didn’t return until 6pm, and somewhere in the middle, after returning from lunch, we two moms were sucked into the games with the kids.

Despite all the joy and celebration, I didn’t feel like we’d quite capped the birthday until today, when we walked into the library and requested his first library card.

IMG_6744Little Fox has been picking up letters and playing with phonemes. He’s been reading random words and recognizing some of the ones we spell to each other to keep a surprise from him. He’s been working with numbers and fractions and adding and multiplying without a thought. So it seemed time to take him to a repository of knowledge where he could claim it all for himself.

It took less than a minute to type out the form. It took several for him to decide which card he wanted.

Then came time to pick his first books. I told him he could pick any three to take home. He pulled several from shelves asking me about the titles and what section they were in. Picking books suddenly mattered more than usual. He counted them as he chose. “Two books; only one left.” He struggled to pick the third.

He stopped at the edge of the children’s section and stared at the rows of books before him, three books already in my hands.

“I want all of the books,” he whispered to me.

IMG_6805“I know,” I said, “and now you can have all of them, but it’s best to only take a few at a time. We can come back again in a day or two when you’ve finished these and get more.”

He remained standing, still staring at them all. I caught sight of an exposed book with crows on the cover. “This one is called Six Crows. You love crows, right? How about we get four.”

“Four more?”

“No. Four books. That’s enough to carry today.”

He accepted this compromise, and scanned his card, while I typed in his PIN. Then he scanned each book in turn. He let me take his picture before we left.

Now he’s truly five, and I’m so excited for the adventures awaiting him.


His first four books checked out on his own card are:

Toshi’s Little Treasures by Nadine Robert

Oh no, Astro! by Matt Roeser

Birds by Jump!

Six Crows by Leo Lionni


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