A Magic School Bus Kind of Day

I awoke with the theme song to The Magic School Bus. My son’s working his way through the original episodes little by little. When I logged into Facebook, I received an ad for a Sun and Moon print dress that looked just like Ms. Frizzle’s astronomy dress. Sadly, it only goes up to a size 12, or I’d have bought it on the spot.

Then we watched the pickle episode after brunch, and discovered Ms. Frizz is a Les Mis fan.

MsFrizz-24601Many of you might already be aware of her love of this musical, but I never watched all the episodes when it was on TV. I only saw the random episode now and again. My daughter and I saw this and broke into song, because we can’t avoid singing “Look Down” and “One Day More” with the slightest suggestion.

What’s more, we now know how tall our newest favorite fictional teacher is, and how much height her hair adds.

I’m skeptical of the new reboot of the show with Ms. Frizz’s younger sister at the wheel, but I do love watching the original show with my son. He’s so focused when we watch it, and talks about what he learned endlessly. He finds ways to incorporate each episode into what we’re doing that day.

Perhaps while we’re making popcorn balls and undressing the Yule tree today, he’ll search for microbes. Whatever comes, I’m sure today will be a productive learning experience.

Of course, I still want the dress. Perhaps I could write a letter to the company to upgrade the sizes. 😉

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