Planning Preschool at Home

preschoolplanOur lives continue to change and evolve.  In preparation for my daughter’s imminent entrance to college life, I’m also planning how best to make use of the approximately eight hours a day, four days a week, of one-on-one time with my son whose needs are vastly different than his sister’s were when we started homeschooling at a 4th grade level.

Preschool education, while in general a comfortable place for me (I love nursery rhymes and music circles and silly movement games), I’ve never taught this level full-time with one or more children.  Creating a routine isn’t easy for me either, but at this age, children need it so much more than the rest of us.

Together, my son and I will be establishing a new routine, one filled with games and exploration of our local world.  Routines filled with a more dedicated focus each week, to help me in staying on track with him and not falling into bad habits of idleness and home seclusion (something I fight from my upbringing and introversion).

Though he’s signed up for fall music and gymnastics, and once he’s four, he’ll be eligible for weekly classes in preschool farming, Aikido, parkour, and drama, there’s a lot of time between any classes where we need to be engaged in more than playing cars or watching Steven Universe.

Thus, I’ve laid out a weekly theme guide for the coming year.  For reference, I have started our preschool theme planning on the last Monday of September, when my daughter heads off to Running Start.  The three weeks before that are preparatory weeks to get the house and the family ready for this major shift in our current lifestyle.  It includes relevant holidays to us and planned visits with friends.  If you’re in a similar boat with a preschooler, these themes might inspire you to do your own.

Around these themes, I’ve tentatively planned certain field trips.  For example, Week 2’s theme pairs well with visiting the local Reptile Zoo, and “Fire and Rescue” lends itself well to visiting our local firehouse to meet our rescue workers and see how they operate.  Some of these trips will require more coordination and planning ahead than others, but all of them will include both at-home projects, art, songs, etc., and outdoor exploration.


Little Fox uses cat as a pillow


Week A: Not Back to School outings
Week B: Ready House
Week C: College Prep / Mabon
Week 1: Human Body


Week 2: Eggs & Who Lays Them
Week 3: Trees and Plants in Fall
Week 4: Our Senses
Week 5: Harvest / Samhain
Week 6: Samhain / [Friend Visiting] / Exploring Our Town


Week 7: Community Helpers: Fire & Rescue
Week 8: First Nations People
Week 9: Giving Thanks / Gratitude
Week 10: Nocturnal Animals



One of our neighbors on a walk through the neighborhood.

Week 11: Hibernation
Week 12: Arctic Animals
Week 13: Solstice / Christmas
Week 14: Keeping Warm


Week 15: Snow and Ice
Week 16: Hygiene
Week 17: Nutrition
Week 18: Safety Indoors / Chinese New Year
Week 19: Imbolc / Start of Spring


Week 20: Sheep and Goats
Week 21: Love and Friendship
Week 22: Soil and Garden Prep
Week 23: Heroes and Leaders


Week 24: Transportation
Week 25: Life cycles
Week 26: Spring Break / Ostara
Week 27: Flowers


Week 28: Baby Animals
Week 29: Norwescon Prep / Crafts
Week 30: Little Fox’s Birthday / The Earth and Earth Day
Week 31: Forests and Jungles
Week 32: Deserts and Plains


Week 33: Oceans and Islands
Week 34: Fresh Water
Week 35: Beaches
Week 36: Garden Pollinators


Week 37: Birds in our yard
Week 38: Dance
Week 39: Litha
Week 40: Outdoor Safety


Week 41: Astronomy and Space
Week 42: Rocks and Minerals
Week 43: Free Play / Double Birthday Week
Week 44: Zoo Animals
Week 45: Farming / Lughnasadh


Week 46: Sea Creatures / Aquarium
Week 47: Camping and Hiking
Week 48: Food Art
Week 49: Ponds: Flora and Fauna


Week 50: Market Vegetables


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