The Craft and Children

IMG_2724Thanks to my long-time readers for your patience the times when I goof up and forget to post something, or one of my scheduled posts reveals itself before it’s fully dressed.

Last week, I missed a post entirely, and wanted to offer a quick insight into some of what I’ve been writing at Hearth, Heart & Home, a SageWoman blog dedicated to pagan parenting, rather than focusing instead on the homeschooling itself.

If you’ve never visited, you may wish to check out my latest post, Using the Craft on Behalf of Children.  It’s lighter in nature than some of the posts there, but has some tips for fellow pagan parents who wish to utilize their spiritual tools for helping their children through life.  Some of the tips could apply to anyone, regardless of your path or views (especially Monster Spray).

I have a major writing deadline for a couple of my short stories this Wednesday, so if I’m a little late again this week, I appreciate your understanding. (At least I have something almost finished this time!)



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