Another Step Toward College


The Dragon, ready for the Running Start advisor, but not for the photo.

Tuesday afternoon, after some homemade prawn fried rice, we headed to the community college to finalize my daughter’s application to Running Start.  I’d hoped, having already completed the paperwork with the district, applying to the college itself, and paying a fee, that we’d be able to get her registered for her first quarter’s classes, but alas!  It wasn’t so.

There are extra steps I apparently missed in reading their list online.  Applications to the program are backed up, and they’re processing them in order of submission.  In a few days, they’ll send her an email letting her know she’s been accepted, and then she needs to attend yet another orientation.  This is all vastly different from my experiences twenty years ago doing exactly the same thing.  Has it really been that long?

Yes, yes, it has.

She’s just an email and orientation away from registration, then we pay fees by the end of August (it’s tuition free, at least), and in September, she’ll be a college student.

It’s difficult to wrap my mind around it.  Hard enough to think she’s nearly sixteen, but college?  Then again, she looks like she’s in her twenties!

At least, in a few years, when she’s off at a university somewhere, the nest won’t be empty for some time.  My son has a decade and a half to go before he’s ready to fly away.  Thank the gods, because I’m going to miss her enough while she’s out discovering herself within the world.


The children and partner in parenting at Friday lunch

Visit the link for more about our Running Start journey, in case you’ve missed some of it.


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