A New View

We spent the last nearly two weeks sick with acute bronchitis.  Daughter and I are the last holdouts, and it’s chilly today.  We were so sick last week, the whole week blew by without a blog post, or even the mental reminder to write one.  I felt a little bad about not working on my novel, but between the coughing, fevers, and pain, I couldn’t focus on much else.

This meant we had to postpone the Little Fox’s 3rd birthday for this com
ing weekend.  While it made us sad to do it, we now have a little more time to prepare the house.  One thing we did manage to complete this weekend: painting the kids’ room.

Up until last week, it was Daughter’s room, but soon they’ll both have new beds in there, even if the little one probably won’t be sleeping anywhere but my bed for a long time to come (it’s up to him, but I don’t see it happening).  Though they often argue about a lot of trivial matters, they both agreed on one thing: the room would be painted light blue.  With clouds.

So that’s what we did.

kidsroom-beforeWhile painting the clouds with cut up sponge pieces, my daughter started getting grumpy.  I asked her what was wrong.  “You said the clouds didn’t have to be realistic, that they could be cartoonish or whatever we wanted.”


“You’ve been ‘correcting’ all of my clouds, and telling me what’s wrong with them.”

“I wanted to show you some techniques to improve your skills.  You’re an artist, aren’t you?”

“I just wanted to have some fun.”

She was right.  Their room, not mine.  Their rules, not mine.  The moment I saw one of the clouds she’d made, I’d begun a critical spew of corrections detailing how to smooth the edges out and make them look “better,” and I was rapidly draining all of the enjoyment from our shared project.

After a moment of silence, I sang the Steven Universe theme song, despite a raspy voice, and both kids joined in.  Then we made clouds, with directions from the Dragon to break out of my fixed ideas about how to make clouds … and we had fun.


This is my favorite part of the room:


Little Fox and Dragon hand prints


The pictures I took with my phone don’t do the colors justice.  As my daughter said, the room makes her feel as if she’s falling through an endless sky (and she loves it).  The little Fox just kept saying, “Wow — woah.  Wow!”

The children picked two colors from the Benjamin Moore line: Crisp Morning Air (blue), #780, and Ice Mist (white), #2123-70.  We wanted a zero VOC line of paints, and our favorite hardware store (McLendon’s) said all of Ben Moore’s paints were zero VOC, despite only advertising one line as such.  Take a look on the paint cans and it’ll have a stamp along with the batch number that reads: VOC: 0%.




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