Blessed Solstice 2015 – Take 2

Well, if you’re a subscriber, you probably saw a surprisingly brief and uncharacteristic post on Wednesday morning.  I’ve been sick with the flu for the last several days and unable to do much more than read stories in bed to my son, give advice to the teen and other adult, and similar invalid activities because my stomach, muscles, and balance have all but abandoned me. Thus, my scheduled post went unfinished and all of my notes were published instead.

I came on here still rather dizzy but wanting to make up for the delayed response, only to spend five minutes laughing at the post that happened while I was out.  Thanks to the blogger who clicked like, I hope you had at least as good a chuckle as I did.

This is what I intended to talk about, these two images.  In 1957, my grandparents sent out a Christmas card featuring everyone as young children just after my mother turned two.  This year, the year my mother would have turned sixty and my son turned two, we celebrate by re-envisioning their holiday card with our current human household.


I had much planned for this week, but my illness has prevented much of it, including getting a head start on the wrapping, mailing, and/or delivering of presents.  There’s an IKEA kitchen I’ve only begun to paint and fix up before building, and a host of other little tasks planned.  At least the adult family members’ presents are finished, and I made bookmarks for all of the teens in my life to go with their amazingly wonderful books (that I hope they’ll enjoy as much as I do).  I also hope they won’t read this; chances are, they’re too busy to see it.  Oh, and if you want to make the bookmarks, they were soooooper easy.  It took more time to get someone to help me find the materials I needed in a crowded holiday rush at Ben Franklin than it did to make six of these.

In order to be able to focus on this frantic holiday of gift giving, family, friends, and good cheer, I won’t be posting on the 23rd or 30th, but will be back on the first Wednesday of January.

From Willow and Birch to your home or homeschool, have a happy holiday, and for the sake of the gods and the children, please stay healthy!

. . . I’m gonna go lie down now.  *plop*


(And to my family and friends who haven’t received their cards yet — they’re even more amazing than this, have more stuff inside them, and don’t have the edits over the names, but the print shop hasn’t sent them to me yet!)


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