Little Fox Quotations

Since taking a month long break from Facebook, there were a number of activities I didn’t post, and some of my family and friends commented privately they missed hearing about the little things.  During my break, I recorded some of the funniest or most memorable moments said by my son (and sometimes in an exchange with his sister).  This post is mostly for Facebook, but some of you might enjoy these as well.

For clarification: “C” is my son, the Little Fox, and “A” is my Dragon Daughter.

The Capeless Cavorter: Bringing fun wherever he goes

My children cuddled next to me on our bed, and C held his sister’s head, and pointed out the window. “[A] look out! There’re spiders outside! See?”
A shuddered and made a noise.
C patted her head and said, “There-there. It gonna be ok.”

Then he mentioned the spiders again and again to get a reaction out of her, and every time she made the noise he giggled until we were all in fits.


He threw his yellow car onto the floor from the bed.

“Oh no! My Lamborghini!”


“Are you my baby boy?” (Normally he says yes, but not this morning)

“No. I not mine. I not yours. I just huge baby.”

“Are you Mama’s huge baby?”

“No, I just big baby.”


C fell off his chair onto me.

“Oh no! Are you ok?”

“I fell.”

“Did you get hurt?”

“No. I fell on you. You’re nice and soft.”


He put the stethoscope in his ears, started singing, and moving his body. Then he took them off and put them away, and said, “There’s music in there!”


Train is a two syllable word pronounced, “Two-wain.” The Simon game is pronounced “Sow-en” just like upcoming Samhain.


“Oh, Miss Charlotte! That’s my sweet little girl!” (Takes my hand) “Come on, Mama, let’s pet Miss Charlotte.”


“That’s my Dada friend, and my [A] friend, and over there’s my Mama friend.”


After watching The Incredibles and Jack-Jack Attack, my daughter asked my son, “So baby, which of these characters do you think reminds us of you?”

“I dunno. I’m playing with my car.”


I came into the living room where we’ve hung broken wind chimes on the armoire to be fixed when I have a free moment. “Are you playing with the wind chimes?”

“Yeah. They make sound.  It’s pretty.”

“The sound is pretty?”

“Yeah.  And sparkly.”


“More chocolate pleeeeeeeaaassse.”

“I gave you a piece of chocolate.”

“Yeah.  I already ate that,” he said while gesturing with hands wide.


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