Where’s Mama? Over at another blog…

Apologies for my recent silence. The demands of a high needs baby plus holidays plus illnesses and corneal erosion episodes and and and …

I’ve been distracted, delayed, and deterred from my writing in all aspects. The one area I’ve been keeping up in is my at-least-monthly blog for Sage Woman magazine over at Pagan Square. I received an invitation to create Heart, Heart, & Home and have only barely kept up with my minimum quota.  It’s a pagan parenting/hearth-tending blog, so it’s similar to this one with a heavy spiritual bent.  If you’re interested please check it out.

Coloring BooksMy most recent update can be found here.  It discusses coloring books as a form of meditation and as a means for family bonding, so even if you’re not pagan, it might be of interest.

Other blog entries include:

Establishing Traditions in a Changed Family

Honoring Our Ancestors

Her Own Path

I’m working on improved updates across the board, and hope to be back to editing my debut novel shortly (just half an hour a day would be a start!).

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