Daughter’s New Experimental School Year

Every year of homeschooling feels like starting all over. This summer, for my daughter, it almost is. The “school year” ends June 30th and begins July 1st. Because her birthday is mid-July, we tend to use the weeks leading up to it for year-long goal setting and birthday vacation time, which is about two weeks before easing back into the school year.

With a baby brother around and the new designation as a teenager, we had to address what really hasn’t been working for us the last few years. Daughter had become fairly apathetic about her schoolwork, an untenable situation for both or desired goals, so we took a hard look at what mattered most and tried to come up with a plan for her exploration that honored those goals.


Educational Experiment 2013-14

1. Become ready for the Compass test within the next two years, requiring math and writing proficiency.

2. Become skilled as a costumer.

3. Increase art skills to a point where a web comic, manga, or illustrations could be a profession.

4. Become competent in herbalism to be able to identify 12 plants and know their uses by June 30, 2014.

5. Learn basic Chemistry and be able to tie in herbal knowledge with an understanding of the chemical makeup of herbs and their effects within the human body.

6. Be healthy and social.

Regular activities:
1. Math w/ C

2. Reading and media as assigned by mom.

3. Maintain weekly blog on any general topic. Have mom proofread writing, then revise before publication. (She chose anime/manga.)

4. Complete one small sewing project a week (minus vacation breaks); look on Pinterest or sewing sites for ideas and tutorials.

5. Spend at least 15 minutes a day studying chemistry and/or herbalism, and maintain a nature study notebook to record your activities and observations.

6. At least 30 minutes a day (even on breaks and holidays) drawing or otherwise creating art. At least one hour a week should be spent studying different styles and artists across history.

7. Attend social engagements or events at least 3 times a month (visits with V’s family do NOT count toward this goal).

8. Find a way to move your body at least 20 minutes a day (e.g. dance, yoga, strength training, calisthenics, jogging, swimming, biking, walking, parkout, aerials, etc.), and for every 20 minutes you sit, stand up and stretch your arms, legs, and back before sitting again. Resist gravity!


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