Geometry, Design, and Pasta

Fiori-shaped pasta by Barilla. Approximately 0...

Fiori-shaped pasta by Barilla. Approximately 0.5″ in diameter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thanks to a friend, we came across the CBS short video clip Geometry and Pasta about two authors — one an architect, the other, a chef — each wrote books about pasta from a mathematical perspective.  The former, George Legendre, cataloged over 200 types of pasta in his book, Pasta by Design, showing the mathematics of form behind the function, in part as an inspiration for other designers looking for more unique shapes in their architecture, though another part I believe has more to do with his love of mathematics. Meanwhile, chef Jacob Kennedy’s recipes and historical knowledge of noodles paired with hints of geometry in Caz Hildebrand’s drawings, come together in The Geometry of Pasta.  This book looks both informative and drool-worthy, but focuses more on the food’s function because of its design.

For someone like myself who is equally fascinated by architectural design and historical cooking, these books are tempting.  As a homeschooler, I can see them being the inspiration for my child(ren) to explore culinary arts, history, math, and design all at once in an integrated form.  An exploration that could be hands on and delicious!


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