Of Namings and Essays


Gaston (Photo credit: Max xx) — Not this Gaston, who is a cat, and has nothing to do with my article. But yay cats!

There is much going our family these last two weeks dealing with naming.  First, my partner began settling into the idea that this baby (I’m at 17 weeks) is happening, and we began making serious lists of names, none of which we seem to really agree upon (“No, we’re not naming him Gaston.  What don’t you like about Caelan?  Well, I’ve already decided, if it’s a girl, which I don’t think it is, we’re naming her Calpurnia Elizabeth,” and so on).  Second, a conversation with another homeschooled student led to a the naming of groups of youth, generally based on sex or gender, for which I’ve written a longer post on LiveJournal detailing said names and linking them to a feminist article I’d read just prior to the conversation, which sent off all sorts of triggers for me.

And it’s this article that makes me come to you, dear readers, for suggestions.  If you’ve been reading long, then you know we’re on our third year of the experiment of “Reading Selections” with my daughter and my friend’s eldest son.  This year, I’m having them focus more on argumentative essays and their analysis than short stories or poetry as I usually do.  While I have a couple of modern articles like the one above lined up, they’re primarily dealing with women and misogyny.  What I’m seeking are one or two strong arguments about the societal prejudice of adolescent males, somewhat along the same lines as the 12-year-old girl article.  Thus far, I’ve only found a story-like essay dealing with the Trayvon Martin tragedy and the perception of young men, especially of color.  So, please, if you have strong argumentative essays dealing with the common ways in which young men are perceived by society and/or authority figures, I’d love to read them.  Thanks!


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