Science Discussions

(Photo by: Mohamed Babu) “Ring of Colour”

We look to the world and current events often for discussion topics in science.  It helps that we have a group of friends with diverse interests who share what they’ve found with others.  A simple article about ants eating sugar water with food coloring brings up questions about biochemistry, nutrition, and even branches out into art (this wasn’t a specific scientific experiment, but one intended to produce amazing photographs by someone fascinated by nature).  Mystyrica sent us the Rolling Stones’ article titled “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math“.  It will soon be the basis for a Willow & Birch group discussion about politics, scientific relevance, and the very real threat to our survival as a species, including ways in which we may or may not be able to mitigate the damage already and soon to be done.  And of course, we’ve already been talking about the Higgs Boson, what it is, why we went searching for it, why some people insist on calling it the “God particle”, and the political relevance to it being named such.

What scientific discoveries or wonders are being talked about in your home or among your friends?  We’d love to hear about them, so we can talk about them, too!


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