A Free Resource: Crash Course

I just discovered another great educational resource (free!) on YouTube.  While I don’t want all of our lessons to be based in digital or video, I know supplemental multimedia really help my daughter better understand a concept.  It’s just the way her visual-kinesthetic mind works: if it has pictures or involves touch, we’re good.


Crash Course is a clever, informative, silly, and sometimes a bit naughty* growing collection of educational videos across two series: one is led by Hank Green and presents concepts in Biology, and the other is World History, as explained by John Green.  In case their last names and shared good looks weren’t clue enough, they’re a pair of witty, knowledgeable brothers.  They’re also known for their other vlog works: Brotherhood 2.0 and the VlogBrothers (including Truth or Fail).

I’ve only watched the first video of each series, but I’m already a huge fan.  I can’t wait to start showing these to my daughter tomorrow, and determine how we best want to incorporate them into her current education!  Even better, the first World History video ties in with her on-going ancient civilization work, AND it talks about the start of agriculture, which ties in with our gardening and my farming research.

Let me know if these videos are already part of your experience, and how you use them, or if you’re new to them like we are, what your thoughts are.


*By “naughty”, I’m referring to the slight hint at sexual activity in the first Biology video, titled, “That’s Why Carbon is a Tramp“.  While this is no problem for my family, I know there are some families who aren’t yet ready to share the details about sex and/or human reproduction with their children.


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