Projects: December Reading Selections

We met yesterday to discuss November’s reading selections.  Both kids chose Bradbury’s Pedestrian for their projects, although Squirelflight drew an illustration to accompany the short tale, and A chose to write a 300-word epilogue exploring the institution to which the main character was taken.  I read all of the “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” to them, complete with dramatic flair and pausing between major stanzas and parts in order to discuss what’s happening within the tale.  I left my friend’s house with a raw throat, but two kids who were very happy with the selections they’d read, and looking forward to the coming month.

December’s List:

I have to say, it’s fun not only to re-read these stories I enjoyed as a child, but to find new ones from favorite authors, and to discuss them with my group, especially since these two have radically different views from most adults in reading groups.  They also present their projects in ways I haven’t expected, although Squirelflight is definitely in the “art” category of preference, A. is taking some risks by going outside his normal field of approach, and it’s improving his writing in the process.


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