Projects: November Reading Selections

It’s rather late in the month, but my health and a busy schedule got in the way of our meeting across the first two weeks.  While both Squirelflight and A worked hard on their projects, I didn’t get to see A’s diorama of “Are You Digging on My Grave?” in person, though he sent me a video (I’ll see if he’ll post it on YouTube to share).  Since we live together, being my daughter and all, I did get a chance to see Squirelflight’s poster of  “How to Talk to Girls at Parties.”

Squirelflight's Movie Poster

Squirelflight’s Movie Poster

We had our discussion over speaker phone, with both of them offering their thoughts about the various stories. Then I introduced the November reading selections, which, with the exception of the “Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” are fairly short.  With any luck and a touch of determination, they could breeze through most of the readings a lot faster.  Here’s the list this month:

After December, I have a few gaps in my reading selection plans for certain months.  Compelling suggestions welcome!

For quick reference, here are the links to previous months’ reading selections:

October 2010

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