Moon Phases and Astronomy

As part of any discussion of earth sciences, astronomy, or even traditional knowledge and culture, the moon is likely to arise. (I’m not apologizing for that pun.)  As a great resource filled with basic information, including moon phases, to get you started is the Moon Connection.  The web site not only shows the moon phases for any given month with the click of a drop-down menu, but includes various cultural notes about earth’s favorite satellite.  One page is dedicated to instructing elementary school children and offers guidance on a lesson plan for moon-related education.

I’ve been going to that site for years to check out moon phases, but only recently did I start looking at the other resources on the web site.  Highly recommended to get your moon discussions off to the right start.

Oh, and a tip from my astronomy-obsessed step-father: if you want to see the moon more clearly at night (or the stars and planets for that matter), you don’t need an expensive telescope.  A lot of interesting things can be seen at night with a pair of sturdy binoculars, including la luna!


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