Geography: World Mapper & Social Justice

NPR just posted an article about World Mapper, a site dedicated to revealing the world through people and what they do.  As the NPR article says, “Oh My Gosh, What Happened to Paraguay?”

In the selection of any major indicator such as internet use or land area to population, one can see how drastically the world changes.  The haves and have-nots become all too obvious, and the effects of governmental policies and politics show up within these maps.

As an anthropologist and a parent who believes the U.S.’s students aren’t being taught enough about the world (especially geography and civics), this kind of map site might just get kids and parents talking–and not just about the way we mark our globes!  Because these reveal social shifts within our global population, discussions about social justice and awareness can be brought in; there is a great opportunity to inspire children to think about ways that these disparities come about and how they might be able to work toward changing them.


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